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Top 10 Smartphone Apps You Must Have On Your Phone If You are A Student

Smartphones once were only distractions to us, but they proved themselves very beneficial for us in the present time. Everything shows its right value in the needy time. As we have seen, everything shifted online, and learning online is the only way left for us to continue our studies. That is where smartphones became the source of education. Now you can do anything on your smartphone. There are many apps available to help students in different aspects of academic problems. Therefore, if you stuck in a situation where you cannot find anything that can help in your academic tasks or paperwork, you can use Best Dissertation Writing Services UK based help to get your work done. Lately, smartphone apps have made the learning process even more enjoyable and easier for us.

Online learning is continuously proving beneficial to itself, as it is a more flexible and comfortable way of learning. Besides, here I am going to show you the top 10 smartphone apps you must have on your phone if you are learning.


Who loves mathematics? I guess nobody. Mathematics is the most tiresome and trouble subject for nearly every scholar. Solving a math problem will always seem like a challenge and brain consuming task to do. It doesn’t matter how old you are, as you might end up in anger and tear your notebook’s page apart. However, the standard form of solving equations and getting help from friends or teachers is now gone. Photomath can easily help you regarding your math question, just by putting it down into Photomath. 

It is easy to use this app, as this app has a unique feature to observe and examine your question just by taking a picture of it. Everything is simple in this app. Just take a picture of your problem, and after that, the app will handle the rest. It will show you numerous ways to solve your particular math question. This smartphone app can save a lot of time for students who hate solving mathematics problems.

Dragon Dictionary

There are many dictionary tools you can easily find on the internet, and most of them are really good. However, the dragon dictionary is the most effective and simply the easiest and the best smartphone app. Along with a huge range of definitions, pronunciations, and synonyms, this app provides language translations too. Moreover, the dragon dictionary can run without even an internet connection, as it has an offline mode as well.

Office Lens

Many students do not like to write and take notes on their notebooks, simply the ones who are lazy. Office Lens is truly a gift for the ones who are not good at writing. You can take pictures of whiteboards, blackboards, someone else’s note, newspapers, and it will save it in digital form. The text will be editable and shareable with others. This app has a unique smartphone app and can detect nearly any kind of handwriting.


Working on a difficult task in the form of a team can be good for students. The reason behind this is that multiple brains combine and invent an excellent idea to tackle the problem. However, group projects can sometimes become very troublesome if the group is not lined-up properly.

Well, the BenchPrep smartphone app is the solution to many group problems. It is an app you can make a community of different students in this app. Moreover, students can cooperate to complete tasks accordingly within due dates. Therefore, we can also use this app as a forum, where we can ask for solutions to academics problems, assignments, notes, and projects.

Timetable App

Managing time appropriately can solve many of our problems. Students can put their schedule of classes and assignments in it and can get a reminder of everything before the event. Moreover, the Timetable app will put your smartphone in silent mode in your class timings automatically by reading your class schedule. It can also sync through multiple accounts on all of your devices, so you will never find yourself behind a task.


Some professors dictate lectures and topics to note down at the speed of light. Many students are unable to write down essential things because their listening ability is not good enough. Well, you can now let a smartphone app do this task for you. SoundNote is an app which listens to the lectures or anything and converts it into text. It is a time-saving and essential app for students.

Google Drive

Nothing can save your data and help you access it like Google Drive. It is an app every student should have on their smartphones. It is an app that saves our data automatically in cloud storage. In case if your computer or laptop starts crashing, then you will still be able to get your data. 


GoConqr tool helps students by offering various courses, notes, quizzes, flashcards, and slides of different study fields. Remembering the huge amount of knowledge and information is really a tough task. However, through this smartphone app, you can easily get everything about your course. Also, you can prepare yourself for exams by using this app and make the revision process much easier.

myHomework Student Planner

Students know the stress and tension of exams. But to overcome the stress and anxieties, the key behind is time management and early arrangements. Keeping yourself focused is the most difficult task for a student, specifically when the exams are popping on the head. My Homework Student Planner is a smartphone app that lets students synchronize their academic life with their routine. It helps the students to stay on track, and also it will remind them of assignments and upcoming exam dates. Additionally, it has its own cloud storage feature.


It is a platform in which you can share your queries, assignments, notes, and other academic staff to get help and to help others. If you want to learn in a short time along with more efficiency, then StudyBlue is the best app for you. It is a robust academic assistant which will help you figure out your academic problems. 

Additionally, you can study anywhere and anytime by using this tool. It has nearly 500+ million academic materials like educational notes, guides, flashcards, and research paper samples, etc. You can stay in touch with other students available on StudyBlue. You can also take part in online quizzes arrange by StudyBlue.

In Conclusion

Studying in a classroom and calling smartphones only a distraction is gone now. Just look at your surroundings and think, how developed we are present. We are using the same gadgets for our improvement that once we called a waste of time. The time of standard and traditional manner of learning is fading away.

Besides, you can make online learning even easier by using the smartphone apps that I have mentioned above. The ones who are working along with dealing with their academics have stated that these apps played an essential role in managing their time. Also, these smartphone apps can make a student’s life much better. Besides, you can hire Best Assignment Writing Services UK based help in case if you find yourself stuck in any academic problem. Many tactics available to help students on the internet, so start finding the ones which suit best on you.

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