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12 Online Software Tools To Make Studying Your Academic Life Easier

Online learning can be beneficial for us in many aspects, as it cost less and provides more flexibility. The basic purpose of online learning is to give education to the ones who cannot afford to survive a campus life. However, the purpose of it may vary as it changed the entire way of our standard learning. It shows uncountable benefits in recent times, and we can even get a master’s degree through an online program as well. As online learning continues to grow, by following it, online tuitions came into existence. It means that you do not have to go to tuition to get help. Instead, you can hire Best Dissertation Help UK based services to get a helping hand in your homework.

Still, many students face trouble while studying online as they are not doing it properly. Never underestimate online learning as an easy way of learning, as you will regret it. Students think that they will easily get through online classes, but it needs proper tools and studying methods as well. Let me differentiate between online academic tools first. There are two types of tools available, one is like best dissertation help based services, and the second ones are informative tools. From the first one, you can get your academic assignments and homework done. The second category of tools is the informative ones. Here I am going to mention 12 online software tools to let you better understand them.


It is an alternative video-conferencing online tool. In which you can host a meeting with your classmates to work on a group project easily. The range of participants is high start from a group of 25 students to 250. This online tool can let you collaborate with your classmates and teachers conveniently. 


You can learn anything in a fast way through StudyBlue. This is an essential online software tool that can help you in many aspects to figure out your educational problems. Also, it can play a huge role in reducing academic stress. You do not have to worry about a place to study, as through StudyBlue you can study wherever you want to.

It features more than 500 million educational content in the form of flashcards, research papers, notes, guides and essay samples, etc. There is also a chat option available for the students to communicate with other users who use StudyBlue. Plus, you can take part in online quizzes organized by StudyBlue without any cost to get your IQ high.


It is a popular online tool that became well-known among us in this epidemic. Zoom is playing a huge role in the continuity of education. It offers high definition audio and video conferencing to let us learn properly. There are many unique features Zoom offers us, including digital whiteboard, single click screen-sharing, quick collaboration, and many more. It also allows us to record the video conferencing, so if a student is getting classes, it can record to revise later as well.


This digital tool is well-known among us, as it is easy to use. Pinterest is available online through a browser along with its own smartphone app as well. This platform is popular because it is an immense spot of ideas. Nearly 100 million people are currently using Pinterest, and all of them are active and engaging. Nobody will regret using this platform as it will fill you up with uncountable amazing ideas. Students find this online tool essential as it has articles and information regarding many fields of education. 


This online tool can magnificently turn lengthy and troublesome lectures and quizzes into gamifying. The major purpose of this tool is to engage students and teachers in a better way for good outcomes. Many teachers are using these platforms to make interesting games and quizzes regarding their subject.


I think nobody likes Math, or perhaps it is just me. Well, RealWorldMath is a tool that can help you a lot in understanding tricky Math problems. These platforms utilize Sketchup and even Google Earth to give you a better understanding of various Math concepts. Also, this tool features more than 30 downloadable materials, including educational tutorials and problem-solving videos. 


The old-time has gone where you need to present in the classroom for study, as now is the era of online learning. Coursera features hundreds of online courses in nearly every education field. More than 24 million people are using this online tool because it delivers the course content in an organized way. Students can easily register themselves in desired courses and can get a certification after completing it. Many well-known universities have a link with Coursera, and it allows a student to get a degree in an online learning atmosphere.


If you are unable to make good presentations in Powerpoint, you should definitely try Prezi. You may not have heard about it, but it is an amazing online tool through which you can make slides. Not even the students but teachers also use this platform to create engaging slideshows. 


Behance is a software tool that features hundreds of architectures, motion graphics, designs, and fashion presets of thousands of skilled users. Scholars and even teachers who love to do art or interested in it can find this tool beneficial. Moreover, this tool can also connect you with other professional designers and artists available on this platform.


This software tool is hybrid as it is available on the web and also on the smartphone app. Brainscape has many features of delivering knowledge, including flashcards and an adaptive desk. This tool can significantly help students to learn and understand difficult topics better. Also, everybody can create a flashcard easily, and it is not difficult to find existing flashcards as well. Teachers can use this platform to monitor the progress of their students also. 


Quizizz is a well-known online learning tool that uses the learning approach gamification to make the process interesting and engaging. Students can join this platform by using laptops and also smartphones as it offers a hybrid backend algorithm. The gamification activities will give instant results in the form of grades. Studying can feel like a fun activity if it has been interestingly delivering to us.


Every teacher wants your work to be done appropriately without any grammatical mistakes, if possible. How are you going to be that precise while doing your work? That is where Grammarly can help you immensely. Grammarly is basically a helping assistant of your when it involves writing. You can get this tool totally on the web and can equip it with the Microsoft Office component as well. 

Besides, it is easy to use this software tool. You can install it as an add-on in the browsers. Whenever you are composing emails, or perhaps replying to somebody while chatting, it will give you suggestions to make it better. This online assignment help tool not only corrects your mistakes, but it teaches you where you need to focus more on your writing as well. If your particular educational field has too many tasks of paperwork, then Grammarly is the most important tool for you.

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